Seldom ; with the use of Androgenic Anabolic Steroids ; Both for therapeutic and recreational reasons, patients have reported Liver toxicity ( Impaired Bile pigments and enzymes ) ,Kidney problems (Blood clot , Glomerular damage , Kidney stone etc ) and an enlarged Prostate gland that can result in a tumor.

The toxicity in these particular organs have been related to alpha-alkylated steroids like Methandrostenolone ,oral stanozolol etc. In some cases , the patients are already pre-diagnosed with conditions related to liver ( in Jaundice ) and kidney ( surgery/transplant ).In such conditions , if further androgen treatment is given for prolonged time , it may be fatal.

Axis Hormones has always been focussed on producing products with minimal side-effects and with this prospect , we have come up with our unique organ protection for people on TRT ( Testosterone Replacement Therapy ), and people using for recreational purpose to protect three main target organs of androgens i.e. Liver , Kidneys , Prostate Gland.

Shield-LP contains a unique proprietory blend

  • 1)    PROSTAXIS 500mg which contains essential sitosterols for prostate health , cranberry extract , saw palmetto and most potent Tamsulosin HCl
  • 2)    LIVMAXIS 500mg which contains essential sitosterol for liver health , milk thistle extract and most potent ursodeoxycholic acid
  • 3)    RENAXIS 500mg which contains fenugreek extract (seed source) and juniper berry extract

This unique blend removes specific marked toxins (citation needed) in a non-invasive way to ensure the best health and condition of your vital organs.